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Aliya Mustafina : 'It wasn't my intention to win medals'

Courtesy of the RGF

Penza Pravda has reported Aliya's superb showing at Russia Cup, and includes a few words from the Champion.

'Everything turned out, as I had conceived it!'

While other star performers on the team - eg Ablyazin and Komova - could only manage partial appearances thanks to injury, 'only Aliya Mustafina appeared before the spectators in all her glory' ... The audience gave Aliya a standing ovation - this was a performance to match her work at the Olympic Games - it was evident that she is a 'gymnast in a great mood'.

'I was practicing new connections for the World Championships.  We also needed to make the girls feel like a team.  It wasn't my intention to win medals here.'

She won four gold, and a silver.  The 'Prima of the Russian team confirmed her star status'.


  1. She is amazing....I hope she wins a medal on BB at the 2016 Olympics. But I am little disappointed with the new floor routine. She hasn't had a decent choreography since the Olympics.

    1. It is hard to come up with choreography as good as Afanasyeva's, for example, but Aliya always has a certain charm and expression in her work. She often adds a certain something in the big competitions.
      In a recent interview, Aliya said she was only at about 60% and still has four weeks to come up to top competitive form, so let's wait and see what that exercise looks like in team and individual finals. Hope for the best!

    2. That's my point. She def has her own style. Like Iordache has her lively and energetic style, Aliya has a more mature and sophisticated style. Why not use that?

      But I think the new code, ruins the word 'artistic' in gymnastics.

      I hope you are right. I really want her to win medals on beam, UB and AA.

  2. I have missed the story about Anna Rodionova. Is she out because of injury, lack of good D-score. Please, can someone give me a hint:-)

  3. Can anyone translate this? pleasee !!


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