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Viktoria Komova: 'I'm training. That's my victory'

The RGF has posted a video interview with Viktoria Komova on its YouTube channel.  Many thanks to Olesya Mikheeva who has translated it for you!  

"I'm very happy, honestly, I didn't expect to beat Aliya.  I figured she'd win because she's been competing for so long. It was only a lead of one tenth, but I'm still very happy that I won?  I have been waiting for this a while and hopefully this will be a push for me to continue on."

"We congratulated each other.  Aliya said "finally you came out, competed, and won".

"Honestly I never thought I'd be this *famous/good gymnast* because I couldn't do anything and at about 12 years old I wanted to quit and said 'no, I'm done with this' but everyone else was supportive and told me to come back and I came back and everything got better."

"Right now I'm at Lake Krugloye training, the only thing we had energy for is to sleep, maybe read a book, but not for a personal life"

*talks about liking to sew as the only thing she has strength left for outside of training

"Right now my leg is feeling better but I still don't land on hard surfaces, but now after the Russian Cup I'll try to get back on form and get back to hard landings"

"It's possible that right now we need to help the team and with one apparatus it's unlikely I'd help, I need four apparatus.  Maybe if I get beam I'll have a chance, but just with bars it's unlikely."

"I don't have one favourite apparatus I like or one I hate.  I love all apparatus but sometimes one is training better than others.  They're all good on their own."

"My parents, health, and training".

"The girls are very supportive but when I'm performing I can't hear anything, I just do it for myself.  But when I dismount I can hear their support and their yelling.  Of course I support them too and yell certain corrections to try to help."

"I'm training. That's my victory. Training was my first impetus to be able to compete in the future with full confidence and strength. Overall, it's just... I'm coming back."

See the video at


  1. I was never a huge fan of Komova before because of her lack of competitive mindset, but she really seems to have matured and look at gymnastics- and life- with a whole new perspective. It's quite beautiful!

  2. she has a fighting spirit, how many times she has been screwed and robbed her deserved gold in 2011 and 2012 and hindered by injuries, disparaging comments specially from american commentators but that never kept her from coming up every time.
    welcome back Vicka

    1. I wonder at such people who give themselves the right to attack and call others names just because they have a different opinion that contradicts with them …
      So you think by calling someone else name like “sore loser”, will that make you a winner?
      I can retort with severe words but I’ll not lower myself to that level because I believe that people who don’t have a point to address, resort to insulting words and personnel attack, so thank you for proving me right …

    2. John - please bear with me - it is barely 4 hours since you posted your comment - I do have a life away from the computer screen you know :-)
      Let this be the final post in this thread.

  3. She is alive and not dead like her haters have been saying all this time! Now they are saying she is over as AA and comments from this blog saying her days as AA are over isn't going to help keep the spirits up. If Mustafina is tumbling in all of her competitions then I believe Komova can bring back her floor and vault.

  4. "disparaging comments specially from american commentators "

    What? Tim and Elfie loved her. Why do so many Russian fans have such a martyr complex? Tim and Elfie love the classical Russian style, they talked about how gorgeous Vika's gymnastics were. And no, she was not "robbed." What a sore loser you are! Vika admitted both times she did not deserve to win. She is a lovely gymnast but was not quite good enough for the gold either time. Hopefully when she comes back she will get gold and many Americans will cheer her on. Stop with the unnecessary us vs. them and the martyrdom nonsense.


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