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'Injuries are making us change our training' - Andrei Rodionenko

Novyi Izvestia has an interview with Andrei Rodionenko today, the first day of Russian Championships.  Google translate in italics, below

"Unfortunately, injuries are making adjustments in our training"

Russia coach gymnastics Andrew Rodionenko
Oksana Tonkacheeva
Today kicks off in Penza Russian championship in gymnastics. According to its results will form a team to participate in the European Championships, which will be held April 15-19 in Montpellier, France. About the features of the upcoming season, the state leaders of the team, as well as the challenges facing the team a year before the Olympics, "New News" told her the head coach Andrei Rodionenko.

- This year the European gymnasts waiting game, continental championship, the World Cup ... This tight competition schedule in the pre-Olympic year - that's a plus or a minus?
- No one knows how things will turn out. A very difficult question, and the answer to it you now no one will. The answer we get at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. If you remember, when all our strongest gymnasts performed at the Universiade in Kazan, the World Cup has developed for us is not very good. Of course, the same team to put up all the tournaments unrealistic. Let us choose, depending on the athlete being, state. Of course, take into account the experience and past seasons. If the preparation will involve a sufficient number of gymnasts, I think we will cope with the task.

- You can say that men now there is such a team, which on the eve of the London Olympic could only dream?

- You know, yes. Highlight some of the young? Better to let them demonstrate it themselves. Can be called a lot of names, but the point is in the results that show the guys. The fact also that the receipt, so to speak, from the youth team there every year, but the level of athletes is not always the one that would like to see. Need a lot of work. And then, it is one thing to train a core team near the leaders, the other - to act. Guys, on which we now expect not passed even a single start in the adult platform. So Penza already get some answers. Candidates yes, enough, but now it's only a theoretical promise ...

- As state leaders - Ablyazin, Bielawski, Garibova?

- Many ill with the flu, but the overall mood in the team is good. Of the strongest in Penza not perform Emin Garibov and Alexander Balandin. All the rest - in the ranks. Garibov is still recovering from its complex operations, and Balandin though started training yet can not operate at full capacity. Denis Ablyazin at the end of the year and was operated, and there are nuances associated with his health. Denis is constantly under medical supervision, but in training shows a very good level of readiness. Even more complicated vault, confidently takes the floor exercise. Hopefully, it will show a high level now. In her best kinds gymnast until the competition. Unfortunately, injuries in general are constantly making adjustments to the preparation, planning, team building.

- What happened to Aliya Mustafina? Why is the Olympic champion will not play in the championship of Russia?

- Alia back injury healed, then she removed the tooth and brush, so she has not received the required condition. We decided that it makes no sense to force training. Alia Skip April European Championship, but for the World Cup should have time to prepare properly. One of the challenges that it faces, is related to the complexity of programs. Otherwise, to fight for the gold medal will be almost impossible. Her first start is likely to become European games in Baku, which will be held in June.

- How to feel Viktoria Komova and Ksenia Afanasyeva, missed last season due to injury?

- Afanasyev will act in its two forms - in the floor exercise and vault. Vika still aches a bit back, so most likely, it will be released only on bars and beam. Komova trains, but also not yet in full force. We try to minimize the risks that it could recover completely. We have to sacrifice something. In another not. Modern gymnastics requires total commitment, but it needs to heal all ailments as possible. Level of difficulty now is that the slightest distraction from this course can lead to disastrous consequences. Even those who himself went to the platform a few years ago, can not always imagine the complexity of modern programs. That is why it is very difficult to pass at least two Olympic cycle, not to mention three.

- What is special European and World Championships this year?

- Each tournament involves different regulations. At the upcoming European Championship will not be the team competition, will compete for medals in the individual types of exercises. In Montpellier will select those works best for the individual shells. And at the World Championships in Glasgow is another limit. There's just more all-rounders will need to command the result is as high as possible. So you have to work at once on all fronts.


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