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Russian gymnastics teams for World Champs 2015, Glasgow - provisional lists

In Glasgow, MAG could well provide the highlights for the Russian team this time as Nikita Ignatyev's surge towards AA victory has strengthened the team in depth.  The addition of ambitious young blood such as Nikita Nagorny also shows that there is no lack of inspiration in the Russian MAG team, led by Head Coach Valery Alfosov.  Both Russian teams (MAG and WAG) are leading their assault in Rio with strong AA gymnasts.  It seems that the specialists (like Maria Paseka) are being required to develop on at least two (WAG) or three (MAG) apparatus.  Given the various competition formats, it might be difficult for those who are strong on one piece only (eg Mattvei Petrov) to find a place on the final team.

In the picture - (clockwise, from top left) - Kuksenkov, Ignatyev, Belyavski, Kudashov, Rostov, Nagorny, Dalolyan.  

Valentina Rodionenko has been drawn on the 'virtually decided' membership of the Russian teams for Glasgow (23 October to 1 November) though the information should be considered provisional as the selection process is not yet complete.


Ksenia Afanasyeva will be team captain.

The team will be a mix of younger and more experienced girls, said Valentina.  For the AA there are the Russia Cup winner Spiridonova; Tutkhalyan ('looked very good'), and Kharenkova ('fared well on the senior platform').  Afanasyeva will compete on two apparatus, maybe three - floor, vault and perhaps beam if the team needs her.  Viktoria Komova is in contention, but she still has some problems.  She is preparing beam and bars, and in all probability will also do vault.  Maria Paseka may fight for a medal on bars.

As we all know, Mustafina won't compete in Glasgow.  Russia does have better depth now than it did a few years ago, but I am sure that they will take forward with them to final training a number of reserves - I (QE) would suggest that these might be Shelgunova and Elizarova.  It is a little worrying that Valentina does not mention Sosnitskaya in her summation here; this hard working young gymnast did suffer some very heavy falls on floor in the AA final and was visibly in pain at the end of her routine.


Nikita Ignatyev won the AA with a spirited and highly competent performance.  He, Kuksenkov and Belyavski will be the three all arounders in Glasgow.  Ablyazin will compete three apparatus - floor, rings and vault, and Nagorny will also be seen on three pieces.  A month still remains to determine the final line-up; gymnasts like Alexei Rostov and Mikhail Kudashov will be in contention.  Valentina didn't mention Mattvei Petrov, the pommels specialist.

The national coaches were pleased with the team's performance in the AA, said Valentina.  All three top gymnasts competed without errors and Ignatyev's performance might well prove him medal-worthy at Worlds if repeated (says QE).   Valentina added that Nagorny's gymnastics still needs to mature a little before he can compete AA at this level.  Ablyazin still has a few problems on floor, and is finalising 'the ultimate combination' for his routine to be performed at Worlds.

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See the results of the MAG AA here -


  1. Afanasyeva, Paseka, Komova, Spiridonova, Tutkhalyan and Kharenkova, there's no other team really. Komova is having problems but she really can medal on bars.

  2. Afasnayeva, Paseka, Komova, Tutkhalyan Kharenkova and Dimitrieva..... they need a floor specialist, if Dimitrieva Hits she can get 14.6 to 14.8. they cant take one aparatus specialist!!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I would not rule out Ksenia for the vault final


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