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Mustafina training going to plan; European Games, Baku, June, next goal

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I am sick in bed with a nasty chest infection and temperature at the moment.  But I wanted you to see the good news about Aliya, Google translate below in italics.

In other news, Vika and Afan are preparing respectively UB and BB and VT and FX for next week's Russian Champs.

Good luck to all the team!

MOSCOW, February 26 - R-Sport, Maria Vorobyov. Olympic gymnastics champion Aliya Mustafina, who is recovering from an injury, will be targeted to prepare for the European Games in Baku, said the agency "F-Sport" head coach of the women's national team of Russia Yevgeny Grebyonkin.
Mustafina because of a back injury missed the championship of Russia, which will be held March 4-8 in Penza, while remaining open to question its participation in the European Championships. In late December, the gymnast was treated in Germany and on his return to Russia continued medication.
"According to the plan, which was set to Alia for this year, the first start of her European game will be in Baku, to them it is now deliberately prepared, - said Grebyonkin by phone. - That is, at the European Championships she did not speak. She's also misses Championship qualifier in Russia, although the Penza still go - will be there to train. "

The coach also said that the gymnast has already trained and working on the equipment. "One is preparing for a competition, so trains. Today flew bars, did log, free. They are with their coach (Sergei Starkin) quietly go by the schedule, which charted for itself. After the championship of Russia, as always, with all Aliya will call for the collection and continue training in the usual way, "- said Grebyonkin.
European Women's Artistic Gymnastics Championships will be held April 15-19 in Montpellier, the first European Games will be held in Baku on June 12-28.


  1. Hope for some decent footage of the Russian champs this year...

    1. Agreed! The footage usually sucks


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