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'Angelina Jolie' alias Aliya Mustafina at Lake Krugloye

While the Russian men prepare to fight for gold at Europeans, the Russian women - and in particular the Olympians who form the core of the team - have been enjoying some party games arranged for them by sponsor VTB.  As you can see, 2013 European floor champion Ksenia Afanasyeva ended up with the 'Oscar'.

You can watch a film of the revelry here - Maria Paseka has a particularly infectious giggle.

The gymnasts were : Denis: Adam Sandler, David: Jennifer Lawrence, Aliya: Angelina Jolie, Viktoria: Dukalis, Maria: Sylvester Stallone, Ksenia: Brad Pitt

Speaking of infectious, Rodionenko has just explained that following surgery Aliya Mustafina is unable to train fully at present.  Rodionenko describes the surgery as 'removal of cysts'; we don't quite know what this means but as Aliya posted pictures of herself after dental surgery earlier this week, I think it is most likely the removal of an impacted wisdom tooth, which can be extremely uncomfortable.  This is just life, dear readers, not a disaster - I wouldn't worry about it besides wishing Aliya a good recovery.

Elsewhere, Valentina explains that the priority for Komova's preparations is Worlds - don't expect too much of her before this autumn is the message, I think.  Keep the faith.



  1. Forgive me for being so pessimistic but at this rate I don't even expect to see Komova challenging for anything at worlds or olympics, ever. Either Russia has been preserving her all these years because she is going to come out and woah us or she just doesn't want is as bad as others. She has been safely wrapped up for years now while other such as Mustafina have been competing through every single injury. The girl will not challenge for even a medal at the rate her training and progress seems to be going, neither at these worlds or at the olympics. Again, sorry for being negative but it's the truth

    1. *Sigh* what is it with these pessimistic feeling towards Komova? She has been training since 2012 with set backs of course but she is not out of shape and her bars and beam have look good and her recent appearances. If she doesn't make it as an all around gymnast or doesn't win an individual event, I still see her affording to the team.

      And no, is not the truth when you don't know the facts of her training.

  2. I think that if Komova is training then there is a chance that she will contribute to the team at whatever her level is now. Let's wait and see when she competes and how she performs; there is too little information available at present to judge.
    She looks reasonably relaxed and happy in these pictures. I doubt she is staying at Krugloye for any reason but work.

    1. I also believe that she can definitely contribute to the Russian team (given their depth); however, I was talking more along the lines of individual at these major meets. I too doubt that she is staying at Krugloye for anything else other than work so lets see what happens with her progress leading up to the next Olympics

    2. I think that, at the very least, Viktoria is wholly capable of returning as a great bars/beam specialist. She'll be back one of these days! :) Also, interesting to note that now she is taller than Aliya.

    3. I am also starting to have serious doubts about Komova. She's just been kept in the shadows and has had one too many injuries and illnesses for well over 2 years now. There is still no word on her competing at Russian Nationals. I think she can help on bars and beam by the time worlds rolls around but that's if she doesn't injure herself yet again. I'll be the first person quite delighted to eat my words if the opposite turns out to be the case and she comes roaring back as a top AAer again. There is really not much time left to get all of her skills back and to also increase the difficulty for this code of points.... By the end of the year, all the top gymnasts will need to more or less have their difficulty at least partially consistent and then work on honing them next year leading up to the Games.


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